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I Moved, Love.

It has been forever and a day people. I moved. Thats my excuse. And I'm not sorry because i love the fact that I moved. But the goodnews is, you can locate me. This, this... Its my new home, my... Continue Reading →

How to Live Your Purpose.

On my last post- 'live your passion',I believe I wrote that every passion is from God.However,if your passion is not according to the will or word of God ,your so called passion isn't a passion. Its called selfishness. If it... Continue Reading →

Live Your Passion.

What is your passion?That passion was given to you by God.It was given to you not just for keeping. Having a passion is one thing,using it right is another.We should all use our God -given passion to influence the world... Continue Reading →


Everyone was created in their ownunique way by God.If only we could see how special,wonderful and amazing we are,we wouldn't care about others opinion before we work to achieve something we  want to achieve.If only we could look to the... Continue Reading →

I give you…My Quotes!

Hey guys.its been a while.Happy New Month to y'all!    Today, I'll just share with you a few of my quotes.My advice is; don't just read it,meditate on it, soak it into your conscious mind and finally let it add... Continue Reading →

4 ways to get Godly wisdom with understanding.

'...let thine heart retain my words,keep my commandments and live.' Proverbs 4:4 Gods word is wisdom.In verse 7 of the same chapter,the bible tells us that wisdom is the principal thing. We all need wisdom from God when it comes... Continue Reading →

Moment of Redemption.

What is the best thing that as ever happened to you?What is your most perfect moment or day,one you will never forget?What event makes you glad and joyful with just remembering about it? I'm excited and glad that I can... Continue Reading →

#Dreams,Question, Decision… 

​ My dreams in life are simple and easy to fulfill. That's if God helps me fulfill them.I have lots of dreams,they may seem big to some and not so big to others.But I fear that if I am too... Continue Reading →

My New Opportunity.

I shouldn't feel sorry for my failure,for my backwardness but I fear I am feeling sorry for myself as well.I've asked for strength and grace from God.I believe or I want to believe that I'm strong and what I've lost... Continue Reading →

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